Sunday, January 24, 2016

VBS 2016 - A Few Thoughts . . .

I have shared with you my Top Ten VBS resources for 2016 . . . I still have a couple more reviews which I'll share with you - one on Tuesday and the other as soon as it arrives in February. And, tomorrow I'll post my side-by-side comparison chart for 2016 - feel free to print it out for use as you attend VBS workshops and meet with your volunteers to select the VBS resources you will use in 2016.

Today I want to share a few thoughts with you about VBS. First of all, please keep in mind VBS provides you with a wonderful opportunity each year to find new music which you could use in your ministry. Consider buying music from VBS resources you did not select for use in your ministry. My Top Pick for Music this year was the music from Abingdon - Joy in Jesus. While it was not particularly my "style" of music, I know my grandsons would love it and the message in the songs is absolutely solid. Plus, the music will engage the children - they will be singing these songs far beyond VBS for sure!

I also really liked the music from Christian Standard - Yancy's music is difficult not to like - solid lyrics, catchy tunes combine for a great resource you could use any time of the year!

Group's music did not disappoint - and I'm having a giveaway for it on the 28th (you have time to get in this giveaway). I'd really love to see them (and other publishers) stop using teens in the music video, but the music is excellent!

And talking about giveaways, I have five fun giveaways for VBS starting on Tuesday - January 26, 2016. Check the links on the left side of this blog - just click on the pictures.

While the settings this year were similar - several ocean and a couple farm - these were extremely well done and are fun settings. Group's spelunking and Norway settings were unique and are sure to be fun for the children as well.

Most importantly, you will find excellent, Biblically solid VBS resources in the kits I reviewed this year. Any of them would be wonderful for your VBS - and for use on Wednesdays, Sundays, or any other time you need resources for your Children's Ministry. As you pray about the VBS you will use this year, consider where, when and how you might use additional kits and select two, three or even four kits this year!

Thank you for reading my VBS reviews - which kit(s) do you think you will use this year?

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