Saturday, February 27, 2016

Equip Parents and Strengthen Families with "Faith Talk"

Yesterday I shared about celebrating milestones with you and today I want to encourage you to take a serious look at a resource . . . "Faith Talk". "The biblical reason for having Faith Talks is found in Deuteronomy 6. As primary faith trainers, we as parents and grandparents are commanded to impress these commands upon our children, talk to our children about them, as well as show them how to live them out in the ordinary tasks of life. 

In Proverbs 22:6, spiritual training takes place one step at a time in the context of everyday life. Relationship is your priority, the Bible is your handbook and life is your classroom. Teach your children about God, the Bible salvation and how to live by having family night devotions."

So, what is a "Faith Talk"? "It is one night set aside each week as a sacred night. It is fun ad exciting! Keep it simple and age appropriate. Make it happen consistently. Teach a biblical truth by making memories and lasting impressions. Faith Talk is the consistent spiritual investment from parent to child between Legacy Milestones. Faith Talks is what prepares a child for the coming milestone."

On this site you'll find resources to help you implement a "Faith Talk" focus for your ministry. Just look at the wealth of resources they provide for you, for free - just ask them for permission to print copies . . . 
  • Faith Talk Seminar - "The biblical reason for having Faith Talks is found in Deuteronomy 6:5-9. As primary faith trainers, we as parents are commanded to impress these commands upon our children, talk to our children about them, as well as show them how to live them out in the ordinary tasks of life."  The first step to getting your parents to have "Faith Talks" with their children, is to teach, equip and train parents so they know how, why, when and where they can have "Faith Talks" with their children.  On this site, you'll find a complete seminar resource you can print out and use to equip the parents in your ministry!
  • A complete list of Faith Talk Resources - books, devotionals and other resources for parents, children and families.
  • Information from Bay Area First Baptist Church on how they equip parents so they are able to have Faith Talks with their children. They say, "Here at Bay Area we are excited about pouring the Scripture into your every day life. Every Sunday we provide a short guide in conjunction with the sermon called a 'Faith Talk' to help you lead a discussion with your family or friends about the very words of God. We make it simple and practical. If you attended the worship service or watch the sermon online, the Faith Talk will challenge you to talk with others about how to live out the Bible passage you learned. The Bible teaches us as parents and grandparents we are to be intentional about raining our children in the faith. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 tells us to impress the truth of God on them as we sit at home as we walk along the road, as we lie down and as we get up. These Faith Talks are a tool for you to use as you lead your own children spiritually. If you have ever struggled with knowing how to lead a family devotion, let Faith Talk be a first step in your journey to parent biblically. Come to church and lead a Faith Talk based on what you learned. In this way you will equip the next generation growing up in your own home."
Faith Talk seems so basic, a no-brainer, and yet in far too many churches we do not "connect the dots" so parents and grandparents are equipped and able to equip the children growing up in their homes. These resources from Legacy Milestones/Bay Area First Baptist Church will help you "connect the dots". As they say, "Leading consistent, meaningful faith talks will leave a spiritual legacy in your children which will imprint their entire lives and their eternity.

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