Sunday, February 28, 2016

Expand "Faith Talks" and Equip Parents and Grandparents to Leave a Spiritual Legacy!

In my last post I shared an amazing free resource . . . "Faith Talks" and I encouraged everyone to implement this as a core part of your ministry to children and families. Consider taking the idea of "Faith Talks" and expand them to include the following . . . 
  • Along with providing a few questions and application thoughts/activities with each sermon for families to talk about at home, include questions and application thoughts/activities related to what children learned in Sunday School and Children's Church, so parents and grandparents know how to talk with their children about what they learned.
  • Sit down before a new quarter begins and go through each week's lesson to pull a few main thoughts/applications, then write a couple questions for parents and grandparents, so they can have these important "Faith Talks" with their children.
  • Make these questions available each week - include them in the bulletin - before you dismiss everyone from the service, hold it up and read the questions - challenge parents and grandparents to make a point to talk with their children about these things before they go to bed Sunday night.
  • Have families share what they talked about and how they had their "Faith Talks" - have them share how doing this is changing their lives!
Make "Faith Talks" about Sunday School, Children's Church and the Sunday sermon all part of your core ministry to children and families! Emphasize it, focus on it and hold it up before your church. The more you do this, the more families will take it serious and understand how essential it is for them, so they will know how to be the primary faith trainers of their children and know how to, "impress God's commands upon their children, talk to their children about them, as well as show them how to live them out in the ordinary tasks of life." Make equipping parents and grandparents, so they are able to lead, "consistent, meaningful faith talks and will leave a spiritual legacy in their children which will imprint their entire lives and their eternity." After all, is this not why we are serving in Children's Ministry in the first place?

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