Friday, February 5, 2016

Five ways to Get, "Out of the Box" in Your Children's Ministry - #1 - Connect with Your Pastor

I've been writing all week about whether your Children's Ministry is, "in the box" or, "out of the box" when it comes to interacting with other areas of your church, and we have looked at some specific ways you can do exactly this . . . get out of the box, and stop being "compartmentalized" in your ministry by connecting with the Youth Ministry, ministry to/with parents and grandparents, and by engaging your pastor. Today I want to talk about what I think is the number one way to, "get out of the box" . . . evaluate your attitude and be serious about making the changes you need to make.

It is far to easy in Children's Ministry - or any area of ministry in the church, for us to think we are in this by ourselves. It is too easy for us to think it all depends upon us and the work we do. It is too easy for us to focus only on our area of ministry and to even feel competitive with other areas of ministry. These are not helpful attitudes for us to have. 

Yes, if we are leading the Children's Ministry in our church, we have to care about the ministry and focus on doing all we can for it to be as effective as possible, but we are not in a battle against other areas of the church. We will be far, far more effective if we connect with and do all we can to serve together with other areas of the church. Why should we team up with other areas of the church? Consider the following . . . 
  • We are not, "islands unto ourselves". If we have this attitude, we will not have an effective Children's Ministry.
  • We are not the only ones who care about the Children's Ministry. The entire church needs to care - and likely does. We need to be focused on engaging everyone in the church, because while not everyone can volunteer to teach or help, everyone can be engaged by praying and paying attention and encouraging those who do serve.
  • The Children's Ministry will be stronger when the entire church is watching out for it and engaged in caring about the children and families.
These are just a few reasons you need to get, "out of the box" and change your attitude about Children's Ministry. How do you do this in your ministry?

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