Monday, February 22, 2016

Legacy Grandparent Conference - General Session Topics

I have been writing about the Legacy Grandparent Conference for the past several days - first I shared the details . . . it is on May 9th & 10th at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN . . . and introduced you to the speakers. Just a quick look at the speakers confirms they are people who care very much about passing a heritage of faith to their grandchildren/children and want to help grandparents do the same, and aid churches in equipping their grandparents as well.

I've talked about why the Legacy Grandparent Conference benefits your Children's, Youth and Family Ministries . . . and your entire church as well. So, today I'm going to share with you the topics the speakers will be talking about in the General Sessions . . .
  • Larry Fowler - The Legacy Mission - Why Establish a Grandparenting Ministry . . . "Intentional influence by a Christian grandparent is Biblical; it is also extremely healthy for a child! Larry will lay the foundation for our conference and will stir your soul with a passion to be more effective in this oft-overlooked, but vital relationship!"
  • Josh Mulvihill - What is the Biblical Role of Grandparents? - "Grandparents have been given a God-ordained role in the church and home which is not interchangable with any other members - they have an important role in passing on a heritage of faith to future generations. This session will look at the role of a grandparent and how to help them pass on their faith."
  • Cavin Harper - When Good is not Good Enough - "The difference between a 'good' grandparent and a Biblically intentional grandparent is expressed in our willingness to take seriously God's commands about our responsibility to tell the next generations. If we are to leave a legacy which truly matters, we need to be enthusiastic, 'show and tell' grandparents!"
  • Cathy Jacobs - Still Running With the Lord: The Art of Single Grandparenting - "In 2007 Cathy found herself in the unexpected position of being divorced from her husband of 35 years. Broken and devastated, she struggled to find her new place in life. Part of this struggle was learning to be a single grandmother. In this session, Cathy shares with the church the importance of raising an army of single grandparents who have learned to run a new race with the Lord."
  • Rob Reinow - Never Too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Adult Children - "Do you have an adult child who is struggling in their faith? erhaps when they were young, they were growing in their walk with the Lord, but now they have turned away. Be encouraged with Biblical and practical ways to deepen your relationship and point them toward Christ. It is never too late!"
  • Linda Ransom-Jacobs - Grandparenting Through a Child's Divorce - "When adult kids divorce, many times grandparents are the anchor grandchildren need to keep them grounded. Grandparents can provide a safe place for grandchildren to let down and feel safe, as they influence their healing in the Lord. Linda will look at changes which have to take place in the home in order to care for these grandchildren."
  • Valerie Bell - Faith-Shaped Kids: Loving Grandkids in Scary Times - "Just when you think the world can't get any worse . . . it does. We are living in scary times. But it is important for Christian grandparents to understand scary times can be so much more than scary times. Spiritual opportunities abound. Out of the soil of a grandparent's strong faith, the seeds of a child's lifetime sustaining trust in God can be planted. Valerie will talk about being intentional in engaging your grandchildren spiritually."
  • Lynda Freeman - Passing on a Heritage of Faith with Great Joy, Creativity, and Imagination! - "In this session, grandparents will learn and experience some ideas for how they can creatively engage their grandchildren to pass on a faith which is not just the grandparents, but one which becomes the grandchild's as well!"
Can you see how the Legacy Grandparent Conference will benefit you as a grandparent? Can you see how it will strengthen your Children's, Youth, and Family Ministries? Can you see the benefit to your church as a whole? Then please plan to join us on May 9th and 10th! 

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