Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Legacy Grandparent Conference - Look at These Breakouts . . . Part One

Yes, if you have been reading About the Children's Department for the past week, you will have been able to see how I truly believe Grandparenting Ministry matters. You will have been able to see how I truly believe Grandparenting Ministry benefits and strengthens the Children's and Family Ministry in your church. You will have been able to learn about an up-coming opportunity to learn more about Grandparenting Ministry and how you can engage, equip, and encourage the grandparents in your church by attending the first-ever Grandparent Conference on May 9th and 10th in Eden Prairie, MN, at Grace Church.

I have shared the details, introduced the speakers, and talked about the General Sessions. Today - and for the following few days, I'm going to let you know about the Breakout Sessions . . . this conference will provide you with multiple opportunities to learn, engage, and be encouraged and the Breakouts are one way these things will happen!

So, let's take a look at some of the Breakouts which will be available to you . . . 

  • Valerie-Bell-webValerie Bell – A Kid’s God Story: Discovering the God of Your Grandchild’s Messes - What is more important than knowing a loving God is actively involved in your life and pursuing you? In children’s lives He often shows up with attention-grabbing fireworks and in things which seem pretty messy. Find out how God creatively draws your grandchild to Himself and the role you play to insure He isn’t missed.
  • Larry-Fowler-webLarry Fowler – My Kids Won’t Let Me… What to do when your adult children won’t cooperate with your desire to influence your grandchildren for God.  You will learn two essential Biblical strategies which can guide you to a more effective approach and maybe, a new open relationship with your whole family.
  • Lynda-Freeman-WebLynda Freeman – Lookout Below! The Walls are Tumblin’ Down: Grandparents and Prayer - In this breakout, grandparents will be challenged to believe God is big enough to answer our prayers. They will also have the opportunity to pray for their grandchildren/children and learn how to pray the Scriptures for themselves and the children they love.
And this is just a peek at three of the ten Breakout options! So, whether you are a grandparent, about to be a grandparent, or are wanting to know how your church can be more effective about engaging, equipping, and encouraging the grandparents in your ministry, the Legacy Grandparent Conference is for you! You will find the specifics at this link - as well as space to register. Please join us!

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