Monday, February 22, 2016

Little Love Letters from God - I'm Giving One Away!

A little over a year ago on my other blog, I shared a review of a book written by a friend - "Love Letters from God". I said, "I love the unique feature of the "love letters" from God to children; it makes this book, "personal". While there is no shortage of Bible storybooks on the market, Love Letters from God is truly unlike any other I've ever reviewed! God's Word is personal; truly God's love letter to us, but this is difficult for a Bible storybook to communicate to children; until Glenys' book! With the short, simple presentation of key Bible Adventures, Love Letters from God not only helps children learn these Bible accounts, but helps them understand how they are far, far more than "stories"; they truly are God's letters filled with love to them from Him!"

Recently Glenys let me know about her new book, Little Love Letters from God, and I am very happy for the opportunity to share my review and a giveaway with you. Check grandma's cookie jar (my other blog) for the review and all the details about how you can win a copy of this unique and excellent book!

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