Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Your Invitation . . . Please Join the Coalition!

I have been writing a lot about the need for the church to engage, equip, and encourage grandparents to help them pass on a legacy of faith to their grandchildren; well, today I'm very happy to invite you to check out the new Legacy Coalition - Grandparenting Matters Facebook page! Our new webpage will be up and running shortly, but our Facebook page is available as a place where you will find information, ideas and resources to help you with the equipping of grandparents in your church!

As part of the staff of the Legacy Coalition, I am thrilled to invite you to join us . . . we would be so honored for you to become part of our, "Coalition"! Yes, the "Coalition" is made up of staff and board members, but it is far more than just the staff and board. This "Coalition" is for all of us . . . churches and grandparents across the country and around the world! It is for all of us, because it matters what we do to reach the next generation and grandparents not only have a Biblical mandate from God to pass on a heritage of faith, but they have a relationship which gives them the unique opportunity to speak truth into the lives of their grandchildren.

Yes, this Coalition is for all of us and our, "Legacy" will be equipped and engaged grandparents who were able to pass their faith to their grandchildren and generations which continue to do this, until Jesus returns! This matters. This is important. Please join us and invite the grandparents in your church to do the same! (Follow this link to the Legacy Coalition-Grandparenting Matters Facebook page.)

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