Sunday, April 3, 2016

Family Ministry on a Shoe-String - We Have Talent!

For several days I've been talking about Family Ministry possibilities you could offer the children and families in your church . . . all on a shoe-string! I have one more idea for you . . . you could plan a "(your church's name) got talent" show and involve children and families in sharing their "talents" . . . you could even do this in conjunction with your picnic in the park for "entertainment" at your picnic! 

Regardless of when and where you have your talent show, promote it with posters in area businesses - and if you want to open your talent show up to the community include this information on your flyers. Ask people to pre-register their talent (be sure to make clear if you have any parameters for potential talent, such as, must be family-friendly, etc) and see if any area businesses would be willing to donate a gift certificate or item for a prize.

Make a "big deal" of your show - be sure to have your judges and mc - you could even film "contestants" before they perform to give a little "background" info on them. Be creative and use your imagination! Make it a fun event for your church and community! 

Oh, and be sure to have information available on your Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Family Ministry and opportunities for adults at your church for any community people who may attend your event and be curious about who you are and how they might become part of your church!

How and when might you have a talent show in your church?

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