Thursday, April 28, 2016

Legacy Grandparenting Summit - Please Plan to Come & Bring Grandparents & Church Leaders With You!

As church leaders, we have many "groups" of people to focus upon - children, youth, college-age, singles, couples, parents, grandparents . . . definitely no shortage for sure! But, if you read this blog, you likely focus on children - and maybe families as well. 

So, for you, including grandparents in your, "definition" of the word "family" makes a lot of sense. Grandparents have the unique opportunity to influence their grandchildren for Jesus. They are people who tend to be some of the strongest prayer warriors for their grandchildren and are often the people grandchildren are able to talk with about how they feel and what they are facing in their lives. If they have focused on intentionally building a relationship with their grandchildren, grandparents are often people who are able to talk with their grandchildren about God and His Word and have them listen to them, because of the relationship they have with them.

Yes, grandparents matter and it matters if they are intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren. This is why the Legacy Coalition exists - to help grandparents do these things and to help churches equip the grandparents in their ministries to do them as well. It is for these reasons we - the Legacy Coalition - are so looking forward to our first ever, Legacy Grandparenting Summit! We have an amazing line-up of speakers, including Chuck Swindoll, Josh McDowell, Gary Chapman, John Trent (he is on our Board as well), Tim Kimmel, Elmer Towns and more! It will be a wonderful conference!

You will find all the specifics for the Summit at this link - - please mark your calendar, plan to join us and share the news with the grandparents and churches you know!

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