Friday, April 22, 2016

Pray for the Volunteers You Have!

I've been talking about recruiting by keeping the volunteers you already have and said to, Take the Time - and Make the Time - to Know Your Volunteers! and Support the Volunteers You Have! When I talked about recruiting new volunteers I talked about how we need to pray and ask the Lord of the Harvest to send volunteers.  Yesterday I mentioned being sure you have a prayer partner for each volunteer, so, today I want to focus more on praying for your volunteers and to encourage you to make praying for the volunteers you have a top priority - consider the following -
  • As I mentioned yesterday, be sure to have prayer partners for each volunteer.
  • Have a team of prayer warriors who are willing to pray for specific children who your volunteers think are in need of special, focused prayer support - children with discipline issues, children whose families are having difficulties, children who are ill, etc. When your volunteers know there is a team of prayer warriors available who will pray for the children in their class, this is a huge way to support your volunteers!
  • Be intentional about calling volunteers to pray for and with them. Volunteers will be encouraged greatly to know you took the time to call and pray for and with them. It will be time incredibly well spent!
  • Make praying for your volunteers a regular part of every volunteer meeting and training.
These are just a few ideas of how you can focus on praying for the volunteers you have. What do you do to pray for your volunteers?

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