Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Take the Time - and Make the Time - to Know Your Volunteers!

Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of keeping the volunteers you already have, so today I want to write about one way to do this . . . take the time - and make the time - to know your volunteers.

Consider these questions . . . 
  • When someone volunteers, do you make sure you smile and greet them when you see them on a Sunday, or do you just go about your business?
  • Do you make sure you find out some basic, yet important, information on each volunteer; such as their birthday, anniversary, make up of their family?
  • Do you make sure you send a card - or at least an email - on their birthday?
  • Are you sure to let them know if they have a prayer request you truly want to know, so you can pray for and with them?
  • Do you make time to regularly touch bases with them to see how things are going for them with their class and in their own life?
These are just a few of the basic ways to take the time - and make the time - to know your volunteers. And yes, doing these things will take - and does take -, time, but it absolutely is time well spent. If someone volunteers and then is "left to their own", they very well may feel like they and their time are not valued or appreciated, so when their lives get busy it is all so easy to drop volunteering from their "to-do list". 

Plus, I fully believe with all my heart when God sends a volunteer to you, He has entrusted part of the care for those people to you. Be sure you are excelling as a "care-taker" and take the time - and make the time - to get to know your volunteers!

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