Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Touch Bases on Planning Your Volunteer Recruiting Month!

When it comes to recruiting, I believe taking a month which focuses upon challenging your church to think about becoming involved as volunteers in your children's ministry, is a great way to get the attention of the people in your church. To help you with a month of recruiting, I have eight complete plans with themes and more to help you fill an entire month of recruiting -
  1. "Finest Hour"
  2. "For Such a Time as This" 
  3. "Tell Me Again"
  4. "Lifesong" 
  5. "Hand in Hand"
  6. "For Future Generations"
  7. "Glorious Day"
  8. "Meant to Be"
So . . . if you are planning to focus a month on recruiting for your Fall Ministry Team, look over each of these theme/plans and choose one for your recruiting month theme. Then consider the following ideas for implementing your plan to focus on serving with the Children's Ministry!
  • Share your theme with your preaching staff - involve them in holding serving in the Children's Ministry before the people of your church and speaking to the value of the Children's Ministry.
  • Gather your video footage and still shots - try to get as many from throughout the year as possible.
  • Find a team of tech people who will be able to edit your video and match it to the theme song.
  • Find someone to sing your song while the video plays - consider involving your praise team for this song.
  • Make your flyers and posters for your "teasers" and plan to hang them around your church in the weeks leading up to your recruiting month.
  • Plan each week of your recruiting month and gather any supplies you need.
  • Check VolunteerSpot and determine how it can help you with your recruiting needs.
  • Pray. Pray. Pray!
And most importantly - pray! Involve people in praying for and with you and then know the "Lord of the Harvest" will send the "workers" you need!

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