Monday, May 9, 2016

How Do We Stay Focused?

Image result for images for prayerOne of the many important things we need to do in Children's Ministry is to keep our focus on helping children know and walk with Jesus and not being distracted by anything else. How do we do this? Consider the following ideas for how we can keep our focus . . . 
  • Pray. Ask God to "open" our eyes so we are able to see when we have lost focus. While there is nothing wrong with planning special events and providing opportunities for children to be engaged with activity and fun, our focus must be on helping children know and walk with Jesus. Make this a regular matter of prayer.
  • Pray. Ask God for wisdom as you select and use curriculum; again, keep the focus on helping children learn God's Word is for them! They can understand the Bible and it will help them know and walk with Jesus! If your curriculum is only focused on "fun" or only focused on traditional paper and pencil activities with a teacher lecturing, look for something which truly engages children in God's Word and encourages them to grow in their love for God so they can know and walk with Him!
  • Pray. Ask God to give you the ability to see when you are getting caught up in things which will just distract you. Just because something is "new" or everyone else is doing it, it does not mean you should. Of course, it does not mean you should not. Pray and ask God for wisdom so you will have a good balance of events and opportunities which are just for fun while keeping your focus on helping children know and walk with Jesus!
These are just a few ideas and yes, they center around prayer because prayer is essential for us. We need the wisdom which comes from God. We need God to open our eyes so we can truly see. We need God to help us stay focused. And we can take comfort in knowing God absolutely will answer our prayers because He cares the most if we stay focused and if the children in our ministries grow to know and walk with Him!

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