Friday, May 13, 2016

Illustrate My Own Unknown Bible Hero Books - I'm Giving One Jehoshaphat Edition Away!

I LOVE books for children! I really LOVE Bible adventure books which introduce children to people from the Bible; when those people are some of the "unknown" heroes . . . well, I especially LOVE those books! 

So, a few years ago I sat down and wrote several Unknown Bible Hero books, but since I'm not really an illustrator, I thought it would be fun to write the books so children could be their own illustrator and illustrate their own book!

Illustrate My Own books - is a new line of Bible adventure books for children and families to learn from while they create their own illustrations! As families work through each book they will be able to think about, remember and understand how God worked in the lives of real people and better understand how God wants to work in their own real lives, too!

I have twelve titles available in the Illustrate My Own - Unknown Bible Hero series and twelve titles available in the Illustrate My Own - Known Bible Hero series - watch over the coming weeks and months as new titles become available, but today I'm very happy to announce the release of Illustrate My Own Unknown Bible Hero - Jehoshaphat! 

Illustrate My Own Unknown Bible Hero - Jehoshaphat
Author - Lynda Freeman
Illustrator - You - your grandchildren - your family!

Favorite Features -
  • Introduces children - and families to unknown, less familiar Bible heroes
  • Focuses on how they chose to know, love and walk with God to help children and families learn how they can do the same!
  • You and your grandchildren will be able to work together to illustrate the book - great way to talk and think through the Bible event and how it applies to your own lives!
Jehoshaphat knew something very frightening! He knew there was a huge army . . . bigger than his own army . . . on their way to destroy him! Jehoshaphat knew he could not stop the army on his own, but he knew God could! What God did was the most amazing thing Jehoshaphat ever saw! As you learn about Jehoshaphat in this “Illustrate My Own–Unknown Bible Hero” book, you will have the opportunity to show your creativity and provide the illustrations, making this book truly your own! More importantly, as you decide how to illustrate your book you will come to learn who Jehoshaphat was and will remember the important lesson he taught about how you can know when you don’t have the power to face sad and frightening troubles on your own, you can turn to God for help, because He will hear and help you!

Yes, I wrote this book (and the series), but it is a fun and unique way for your entire family to get to know lesser known Bible heroes (and known heroes) and better understand how their lives help you know how you can love, know and walk with God, too!

I'm very happy to say on May 28, 2016 I'm giving away one copy of 
Illustrate My Own Unknown Bible Hero - Jehoshaphat (USA only)! So, if you live in the USA, are over the age of 18 and want to enter the giveaway for Illustrate My Own Unknown Bible Hero - Jehoshaphat(which will be on May 28, 2016)   please check my other blog - grandma's cookie jar - at this link for all the details!

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