Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Top Five Ways to Show Love to the Children in Our Ministries - #4 Give Them Your Attention

As we continue to think about showing love to the children in our ministries, I'm happy to share with you another of my Top Five Ways to do this . .  .
  • Give them our full attention. We need to put aside what we are doing - unless we truly can not and then do so as soon as possible - to listen to what the children want to tell us. We want them to know we are interested in the things they are interested in and want to hear whatever it is they want to tell us. True, many of these things are not "earth-shattering", but if children want to tell us something, we need to want to listen.

God models this for us as over and over in the Bible He says He listens to our prayers. This is one way we know God loves us - He listens to us. When we listen to the children in our ministries, we show them we love them. 

We absolutely want the children in our ministries to know the people who lead and teach in their Children's Ministry, most certainly love them. What do you do to show your love to the children in your ministries?

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