Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Resource for Families - Science the Bible & Fun!

In this day and age it is especially important for grandparents (and parents) to be focused upon passing their faith to the children they love, but it can be a challenge to find resources to help them do this. Science the Bible & Fun was written for this reason and provides 52 weeks of lessons grandparents/parents will be able to use to engage their grandchildren/children in learning how to love, know and walk with God!

Each week there is a science activity which will engage children and connect them to the point of the Bible event. They will learn about Bible people and how to pray the Psalms back to God along with fun activities which are just for fun!

Science the Bible & Fun is now available in print version and will help families connect, learn God's Word together and discover together how to love, know and walk with God! Please share it with the families in your church - it is a great tool for families to have and use over the summer! (And just so you know, I wrote this resource.)

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