Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Top Five "Do-Not's" for Children's Ministry . . . Do Not Bore Children

When it comes to Children's Ministry there are so many wonderful things we get to do; the most important of which include telling children about Jesus and helping them grow to know and walk with Him. But, there are also things we must be careful not to do, so today I'm sharing with you one of my Top Five "Do-Not's" for Children's Ministry.
  1. Do not bore children. Learning about Jesus should be exciting, because Jesus is definitely not boring and walking with Him is exciting. Do not present Jesus as "boring".
So, if you are going to commit to not bore children, what can you do to be sure you do not bore them? Consider the following ideas . . . 
  • Engage children in the telling of the Bible adventure - use dramas, have children look up portions of the Bible event and then illustrate their portion. During the Bible adventure, let children share their drawings and explain what they drew and why.
  • Help children connect their Bible adventures with their lives . . . talk about how it applies and give them projects to work on to live what they learn.
  • Allow children to make up songs about their Bible Adventures and what they are learning and then give them the opportunity to sing their songs in church.
These are just a few ideas . . . what might you do to help children discover learning about God and His Word is definitely not boring?

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