Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Top Five Reasons for Being Someone Who Listens - #4 - I Know It Is An Honor & I Want to Listen

Yesterday I wrote about how listening to others applies to Children's Ministry and shared one of my five reasons we need to be people who listen to children, families and volunteers; today I'm happy to share with you my reason #4 . . . 
  • Because we are honored when they want to tell us something . . . they could choose not to tell us the things which matter to them, but they do! Of course we'll listen!
When a child, volunteer, parent or grandparent wants to tell you something - listen! They have made the choice to talk with you - this is an honor. They could be telling someone else, or not saying anything at all. By talking with you, they are giving you the opportunity to learn something and respond. Listen - it does matter!

Why do you listen?

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