Friday, June 3, 2016

My Top Five Reasons for Being Someone Who Listens - #2 - Because We Love Them!

It can be all too easy to not listen, really listen to those around us. We many not listen, because we have already made up our minds. We may not listen, because we are too busy to stop and give someone our attention. We may not listen, because we are distracted. There are no shortages of reasons for why we do not listen to others, but when it comes to our Children's Ministries, we must be people who listen to others.

For the past few days I've been sharing my Top Five Reasons we need to be people who listen to children, families and volunteers and today I'll share my reason #2 . . . 

  • Because we love the children, families and volunteers in our ministries! Why wouldn't we listen to something someone we love has to say to us? 

When we love someone, we listen to them. It truly is this simple!

Why do you listen?

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