Monday, June 6, 2016

My Top Five Reasons for Having a Discipline Policy Which Shows Grace - #4 - They Will Learn to Show Grace to Others

Yesterday I shared one of my Top Five Reasons for having a Discipline Policy which shows grace to the children in our ministries. We work with children. There will be times when they do not obey and we have to implement a discipline policy, but as I said yesterday, our discipline policies need to be firmly grounded, saturated and immersed in grace. 

Today I'm happy to share with you another reason for this  . . . 
  • Because we want them to grow to be people who are generous in giving grace to others. When they have experienced grace, first of all from God in a big way and then in a smaller way from others, including us, they will be more likely to show grace to others.
This is an excellent reason for us to make sure our policies are strong in reflecting grace to the children in our ministries. How do your discipline policies reflect grace?

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