Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Top Five Reasons for Having a Discipline Policy Which Shows Grace - #1 - Because God Gives Us Grace!

For the past few days I've been sharing my Top Five Reasons for having a Discipline Policy which shows grace to the children in our ministries. Of course these posts assume you have a written discipline policy. Do you? If so, what is your discipline policy like? Does it help children make wise choices while keeping in mind they are children? Does it help children focus upon participating and learning while allowing for different learning styles? Does it show grace? If not, before you do anything else today, get a policy for your ministry in writing and make sure all your volunteers and staff know and follow it.

We work with children. There will be times when they do not obey and we have to implement a discipline policy, but we have to be certain our discipline policies are firmly grounded, saturated and immersed in grace. Today I'm happy to share with you my top reason for this  . . . 
  • Because God gives us grace. How can we not be people who are generous in giving grace to others when God has been so generous to us with His grace?
Yes, we have received God's lavish grace, so we have every reason in the world to be lavish in giving grace to others - especially to the children in our ministries. There are certainly other reasons, but when it comes to the children in our ministries, how can we not give them grace? We must make sure our policies are strong in reflecting grace to the children in our ministries. 

How do your discipline policies reflect grace?

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