Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Does Your Curriculum Help Children Go Deeper Into God's Word?

So, is your curriculum effective? I mean truly effective? Does it help the children in your ministry learn how to read their Bibles? Does it even have the children open their Bibles in class? Does it focus on understanding and living God's Word? Do children leave your classes knowing more about God and how to love and walk with Him? Is it truly effective?

Or, does it just focus upon the telling, and re-telling of Bible events without getting children to even open their own Bibles? Do children leave not really having learned anything about knowing God and how to love and walk with Him?

The whole point of having curriculum is to help us effectively engage children so they know God and how to walk with Him - so they learn how to read their Bibles and understand what God's Word says. If the curriculum you are using just focuses on the telling and re-telling of Bible events or focuses upon character traits and not God's Word, then you likely need to find a new curriculum.

If this is the case for you, I'd like to recommend taking a look at Deeper in 4 Children. (And so you know, I write this curriculum.)

Deeper in focuses upon a theme for a year - the first year focuses upon what the Bible has to say about Grace and the second year upon Obedience. The first quarter each year looks at what God's Word has to say about the topic from both the Old and New Testament. The second quarter focuses upon Bible people from both the Old and New Testament who did, or did not choose grace, or to obey. The third quarter each year focuses upon how the topic of the year changes our lives, looking at passages in the Old and New Testament. The fourth quarter each year looks at the Gospels and Jesus' great love for us.

Deeper in 4 Children does exactly this - helps children go deeper into God's Word. Children open Bibles each week and discover what God is saying in the passage for the week. They read God's Word, talk about God's Word and come away better understanding God's Word and how it lives in their lives!

I'll talk more about Deeper in 4 Children tomorrow, but if you would like to find more information about it, you will be able to do so at this link.

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