Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Free Lesson from Deeper in 4 Children!

For the past two days I've been sharing a curriculum I write with you - Deeper in 4 Children. The focus of this curriculum is to do what it's name says - help children go deeper into God's Word. Too often Sunday school just retells Bible events without children even opening - or bringing - their own Bibles. Not so with Deeper in 4 Children. Too often curriculum covers a Bible "topic" one week and then moves on to a different one the following week, leaving children without a real deep understanding of what the Bible teaches about such important topics of Grace, Obedience and Prayer. Again, not so with Deeper in 4 Children as they focus for three quarters on what God's Word, from the Old Testament through the New Testament, has to say about these vital topics.

You will find more about Deeper in 4 Children at this link - along with free sample lessons. Take a moment to download the free lessons, check them out, try them and see what Deeper in 4 Children is all about.

And, remember, once you purchase Deeper in 4 Children, you are welcome to make as many copies as you need for use in your ministry. This means, you do not have to pay more if you have more children in your ministry. You do not have to pay more to use it again the next time you rotate through the scope. You are welcome to share it with any missionaries your church supports or with any mission churches your church begins. You are welcome to use it and make copies - as many as you need - for use in your ministry.

And, if you can not afford it, let me know . . . I'll give it to you for free.

Please take some time to check out Deeper in 4 Children and help the children in your ministry go deeper into God's Word!

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