Friday, July 8, 2016

Legacy Grandparenting Summit - Save $40 . . . Spread the Joy & the Savings!

Would like to know what one of the single-most powerful things is which you can do in the coming year to strengthen your Children's Ministry? I believe it is to become a strong, committed supporter of Grandparenting Ministry in your church. What is Grandparenting Ministry and why is this one of the single-most powerful things you can do to strengthen your Children's Ministry, you ask? Please give me a moment to explain.

Grandparenting Ministry is not Senior Saints Ministry. It is not ministry to grandparents. It is ministry which engages, equips and encourages grandparents to pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. It is ministry which gets grandparents "on-board" with intentionally impacting their grandchildren for Jesus. This is what Grandparenting Ministry is.

Clearly, if you have the grandparents in your church intentionally passing their faith to their grandchildren, your Children's Ministry will be positively impacted. Clearly your Children's Ministry will be stronger. Clearly your Children's Ministry will be impacting more children in ways which build families and strengthen the faith of children.

So, to help you better understand what Grandparenting Ministry is, how to engage, equip and encourage the grandparents in your church and how this all strengthens your Children's Ministry, mark your calendars and join us November 15-17, 2016 at the first-ever National Grandparenting Summit. We have an incredible line-up of speakers - including Chuck Swindoll, Josh McDowell, Crawford Loritts, Gary Chapman, John Trent, Tim Kimmel, Michelle Anthony, Larry Fowler, Wayne Rice, Valerie Bell and many more! Yes! All of these amazing speakers - and more - at one conference! The speakers are enough reason to come, but the focus upon Grandparenting Ministry and helping grandparents pass their faith to their grandchildren makes this a not-to-miss summit!

And, if you visit this link - you'll find out all the specifics, a complete list of speakers and space to register. Plus, if you use a special code I'm delighted to provide - Lynda16 - you will save $40 off the registration! Yes! You will be able to save $40! And, please feel free to share this code with the people you know - bring grandparents, pastors and church leaders from your church with you!

Engaged grandparents make a significant difference in the lives of children, because grandparents are one of the groups of people who have the biggest influence in the lives of children. Engage them! Equip them! Encourage them! Attend the Legacy Grandparenting Summit to learn how!

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