Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Let's Talk Grandparenting Ministry - What About the Grandpas?

Children's Ministry may not be the area where you initially think about also focusing upon Grandparenting Ministry, but what might this look like in your church? A couple days ago I shared what Linda Ransom-Jacobs had to say about the divorce and grandparenting; today I want to talk about the role of the grandpas.

Ken Canfield spoke at a meeting I attended about the, "Grandfather Factor" and shared about the three events in men's lives which transforms their lives. He said these three events are . . . 
  1. When they are born
  2. When they figure out why they were born
  3. When they become fathers/grandfathers
He went on to say grandfathers have three important roles to fulfill in regards to their grandchildren . . . 
  1. They recall the past - where they have been
  2. They identify the present
  3. They give a blessing - a picture of the future
It is very powerful for grandpas to be men who are focused on making a difference in the lives of their grandchildren. I know my husband is doing exactly this; he is making a difference in the lives of our three grandsons.

In our Children's Ministries we know if and when we get fathers to engage and focus on passing on a heritage of faith to their children it makes a huge difference. The same is true with grandpas. A grandpa has a unique position, unique connection and unique opportunity to impact. Children's Ministries are wise to engage the grandpas, so they focus on passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren.

What are you doing to engage the grandpas in your Children's Ministry?

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