Monday, July 11, 2016

Our Response to Last Week . . .

This past week has been difficult. Difficult to hear the news. Difficult to explain to the children in our ministries. Difficult to understand for ourselves. So much sadness. So much heartbreak.

I, and two of my friends who are also on the staff of the Legacy Coalition, have written about the events of the past week. Please take a few minutes to check these posts - and please share them with the people you know. As my friend Bill Gibbons said; "If there is to be any lasting healing and racial reconciliation, we must know it doesn't start with politicians or legislation. . .it starts and ends with JESUS. Parents and Grandparents may never have a greater occasion to teach their children what it means to love their neighbors!!"

You'll find Bill's full post at this link -

You'll find my friend Sherry Schumann's post at this link -

You'll find my post at this link -

Let's be people who teach the children we love what it means to love our neighbors.

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