Thursday, July 7, 2016

Walk Through a Lesson with Deeper in 4 Children . . .

I've been sharing with you this week, the features which make Deeper in 4 Children a curriculum which engages children and helps them go deeper into God's Word. Today I want to look a little more closely at what children will do each week with a Deeper in 4 Children Bible lesson.

With Deeper in 4 Children, when the children arrive in class, they are put into one of four groups. Each group has a portion of the day's Bible event which they will explore. Children read the passage in the Bible. They may look up additional information in reference books to help them understand what their portion of the Scripture says and then "illustrate" their portion of the lesson.

During Large Group time, each group will be invited to stand and share their poster illustrations with the rest of the class. The teacher will ask questions to discover what each group learned about the portion of Scripture they studied and prepared.

After Large Group time, children return to their own classes and break into their Small groups to discuss the entire lesson/Bible event and how it applies to their lives. Groups will also spend time in prayer and choose a specific thing they will all do during the week to live what they learned. (Children will be able to share what they did the previous week to live the lesson as well.)

If your church has a Children's Church, or decides to use the Optional Second Service lessons every other week, or during mid-week, they will participate in an object lesson, play a memory verse game and then walk through a passage in Psalms . . . children will actually be able to pray the Psalms. Then they will work on a service project or craft.

The focus in each class time with Deeper in 4 Children is to help children learn God's Word is for them. They can - and will - open their Bibles, read them, understand them, share what they learned with others and discover how to live what they learned! They can - and will - learn to pray Scripture! With Deeper in 4 Children, they can - and will - go deeper into God's Word!

If you want to learn more about Deeper in 4 Children, you will find it at this link.

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