Saturday, July 9, 2016

What Do You Look For in a Curriculum?

What do you look for when you look for curriculum? Let's take a minute to think about this and how Deeper in 4 Children measures up to the things you want to see in curriculum . . . 
  • Biblically sound. This is essential and Deeper in 4 Children absolutely is Biblically sound. Children open and use their Bibles and learn to pray Scripture. The content measures up to solid doctrine. You will be able to use Deeper in 4 Children with confidence, knowing it is absolutely Biblically Sound!
  • Children open and use their Bibles. Throughout the Large Group and Small Group portions of the Sunday school lesson, children open, read, study, discuss and share God's Word and what it means. Children actually need and use their Bibles with Deeper in 4 Children!
  • Active lessons. With Deeper in 4 Children, activity is focused on helping children open, study, discuss and use their Bibles. Children study a portion of the lesson each week which they then illustrate. They bring their illustrations to Large Group and will share what they learned about their portion with the rest of the class during Large Group - so, children study, illustrate, share and answer questions about their portion of the Bible event. This is activity with a definite purpose! During the optional second service children have an active Bible memory verse game, object lesson - which often involves science projects - learn to pray Scripture and have the option of working on a craft. All of this activity reviews the point of the day's Bible event and how it lives in their lives. With Deeper in 4 Children, there is activity with a purpose!
  • Focus upon application. Each portion of the Bible event for the day connects with what it means and how children may take it out the doors of the church to live in their everyday lives. Children do not just put "facts" in their heads, they focus upon what it means and how to live it!
  • Family follow-up. Each week there is a reproducible flyer which you will be able to send home with the children. In this flyer there are questions and activities for the family to work through together to continue the learning at home. 
These are just a few of the things you look for when it comes to selecting a curriculum for the children in your church. Deeper in 4 Children has all these features! For more information about Deeper in 4 Children, check this link!

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