Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ask the Honest Questions . . . Do You Really Have a Culture of Friendship?

Yesterday I said while we may not stop and think about helping the children in our Children's Ministries build and make friends, it is something we must do. I shared several reasons why it is important for us to have a "culture of friendship" in our ministries and today I want to share one more . . . 

A "Culture of Friendship" counters a "culture of cliques" which sadly, is found far too often in our churches . . . in every age level. Far too many churches are not really friendly places. Far too many churches are filled with cliques . . . in the children, teens and adults. And a "culture of cliques" is guaranteed to hurt others. If your church has a "culture of cliques", then you are not reflecting Jesus to the watching world and this "culture" must be eliminated and replaces with a "culture of friendship".

So, sit down with leaders across the spectrum in your church. Ask the honest questions . . . is your church truly friendly, or do you have a serious problem with cliques? (Keep in mind any problem with cliques is a serious problem.) If you find your have a "culture of cliques", do all you can to stop it and replace it with a "culture of friendship".

If you are serious about wanting to draw children - and youth and adults - to Jesus, then your church must be a welcoming place, a place where they feel wanted, welcome and part of the body. Focus upon developing a "culture of friendship" . . . it does matter.

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