Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Engage the Family - All of Them!

If you are serving in the Children's Ministry in your church, it is obvious you are working with children. However; children are not the only people we work with. We also have to work with the family if we are going to be effective.

When you think about the "family" of children, it is obvious you are talking about parents . . . they are, after all, the people with the greatest potential to influence children. However; the parents are not the only people we need to think of and work with. Grandparents are the people who have the second greatest potential to influence children and we need to include them in whatever we do to engage and equip parents.

The Legacy Coalition exists to help you do exactly this. (You will find out about them at this link.) One thing they are doing to help you engage, equip and encourage grandparents to pass on a heritage of faith, is their first-ever grandparenting conference . . . the Legacy Grandparenting Summit. Chuck Swindoll, Josh McDowell, Jay Kessler, Wayne Rice, John Trent, Gary Chapman, Tim Kimmel, Michelle Anthony will all be speaking (yes, all of them) and many more speakers make this an event you will not want to miss! 

You will learn more about the summit at this link . . . and if you use my code - Lynda16 - you will save $40 on each registration! Please plan to join us at the summit - and bring grandparents, pastors and church leaders from your church with you!

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