Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Is the "State" of Your Grandparenting Ministry? Rebuild & Strengthen!

Last year, in a town not far from where I live, a tornado hit; three churches in this small community were seriously damaged. One was a church which was 160 years old. The members of this church were understandably quite dismayed and disheartened to see the significant damage to their church. However; their sadness turned to rejoicing when the builders who began the work to rebuild brought them shocking news. As these builders surveyed the damage and began the work, they discovered nothing was holding up the floor of this old church building. The years had taken their toll and unbeknownst to the church members, their church floor was unsupported and about to collapse. The tornado actually saved them.

As I heard this news (the new building is rebuilt and church members are now worshiping in it), I thought about the "state" of Grandparenting Ministry in our churches. In far too many churches across this country (and around the world) Grandparenting Ministry is not supported and when grandparents "collapse", the damage is severe for families. Psalms 78 says when future generations forget and do not know God, they will turn away from Him. It is the God-given "job" for grandparents to pass on the faith, so future generations remember, know and follow God.

Churches need to "rebuild" their "floors" and strengthen their ministries to Grandparents; and we grandparents need to be sure our grandchildren hear about our faithful God from us, so they will remember, know, love and follow Him!

The Legacy Coalition is here to help churches and grandparents do exactly this! You'll find more information on them at this link - and their Legacy Grandparenting Summit at this link

What are you doing to strengthen your Children's Ministry by engaging grandparents?

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