Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Top Fourteen Tips for Effective Children's Ministry - Tip #10 - Pray!

If you have been following my posts for the past several days, you may have looked at the title for this post and thought; "Wait a minute! You already had a tip about prayer!" If so, you are correct. I did, but prayer is so essential, it is my tip once again!

It is absolutely matters for us to be people who are serious about prayer. Prayer has to be a foundation of your ministry. So, if it is not really a foundation of your Children's Ministry, consider the following ways you could make prayer this much needed foundation . . . 

  • Recruit a team of people who will pray each Sunday morning before the first service begins - we do this at my church for each service and every area of ministry and it is something I look forward to!
  • Invite all your volunteers to join you in prayer ten minutes before the Children's Ministry begins on Sunday and Wednesday. This is also something we do at my church.
  • Recruit a team of people who will pray each Sunday during the Children's Ministry - for the entire service. Again, this is something we do at my church for each of the three services and every area of ministry.
These are three additional ways to make prayer a foundation for your Children's Ministry; there certainly are more.  Remember, whatever we do in our strength will be fleeting at best. Turn to God and seek His will and His strength to do whatever you do in your Children's Ministry, because it really is not, "your" Children's Ministry . . . it is His.

How do you make prayer the foundation of your Children's Ministry?

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