Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Top Fourteen Tips for Effective Children's Ministry - Tip #4 - Choose to be Positive!

As we near the end of my series of tips for effective Children's Ministry, this tip is absolutely essential, because if you choose the opposite, your ministry will not be effective.

You only have two options when it comes to being positive; either be positive or be negative. It truly is essential for you to make the choice to be positive; consider the following . . . 

  • If we choose to be negative - and believe me, it is a choice - then we are allowing a cancer into our ministries which will spread and will prevent us from being effective.
  • If however; we make the choice to be positive, we set an example which others will notice and not only be encouraged by, but will be drawn to.
No one wants to spend time with a negative person. If you are always saying how volunteers won't do what you want, won't come to training, won't use resources in their classes and people won't be willing to step up and get involved, then people will live down to your expectations. Plus, as people hear these assessments of them, they will choose to give themselves and their time in other places; places where they might actually be appreciated.

If however; you approach things from a positive perspective, people will live up to your expectations of them! They will be encouraged to know they are appreciated and thought of so highly! And you will be setting the atmosphere to a place to which people will be drawn - not pushed away from! Make the choice to be positive - even if others around you do not. 

How do you make choosing to be positive an essential part of your Children's Ministry?

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