Friday, September 30, 2016

Top Ten Reasons for Involving Your Children in Christmas for an Orphan

Christmas is just a couple months away, so now is the perfect time to help the children in your ministry, "Put Feet to Their Faith" by involving them in a project to share Jesus' love with children around the world. Today I'm going to post the top ten reasons for involving your children in Christmas for an Orphan -
  • It gives them the opportunity to share Jesus' love with others
  • It motivates children to pray diligently for other children
  • It gives them the opportunity to grow and become more "Christ-like"
  • It allows children to think about and focus on others at a time of year when they tend to think about and focus on themselves
  • It gives children something tangible and "do-able" they can do to help children in need
  • It challenges children to live what they learn
  • It gives children an opportunity to follow Jesus' example and do something real to care for others
  • It motivates children to learn about other children in need
  • It gives them an opportunity to earn something they can give to others
  • It gives them the opportunity to work with others to accomplish an important goal
There are many more reasons for you to involve the children in your ministry in Christmas for an Orphan, but whatever reason you choose, please make the commitment to involve them in earning money to buy gifts for their boxes, gathering items for their boxes and most importantly, in praying for these children, so they will not only have a box of gifts, but will choose to accept the best Gift they could ever receive, Jesus! Make this part of every Christmas . . . it could become the favorite part of Christmas for the children in your ministry!

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  1. Ugh. Honestly, I've been supporting World Help as an advocate for them for a couple years and I didn't even know they had an orphan box! And then Mandi said they aren't doing it anymore.

    I've always done Operation Christmas Child, but I would love to hear of more options similar to this beyond just OCC. Last year there was backlash because of their orgs' president's finances, so I ended up researching it myself and found a few gaps, and writing a very long post about how they are still valid to donate through (I feel). But beyond OCC, I would still have loved to learn of others like this!

    Great post!