Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Few Thoughts About the Upcoming Election . . .

As a person, daughter, sister, wife, mom, mother-in-law and grandma I find this election cycle so very disappointing and discouraging. Both parties put up candidates who are utterly flawed and who seem to be completely lacking in character. One has a person who has said many despicable things about women, people from other countries/faiths and anyone who speaks up against him. The other appears to be able to be "bought" and seems to be unable to tell the truth and take responsibility for her bad choices. Both completely lack character. Neither are people I can hold up before my grandsons as "good examples" - as I would like to be able to do with the president of our country.

Both parties spew hate - one says the other party is her “enemy” and calls those who vote for their opponent "deplorable" . . . while I did not vote for him in the primaries, I know and love people who did and they are absolutely NOT deplorable. The other calls people names, mocks them, seems unable/unwilling to show self-control and basically acts like a school-yard bully to anyone who says something he does not like. After the election in November, one of these people will be president – how will they possibly be the president for all the people, when they have both alienated about half the country with their hate? Will this hate impact my grandsons? If so, how? I want them to be people who are characterized and motivated by love for others and grace, not hate.

I find myself much quicker to offer grace to the candidate from the party I most often vote for, and not so much so for the other. This realization has been disappointing for me – in myself. I want to live like a person who does not judge others and like someone who follows the example of Jesus, Who was quick to offer grace to all. This is the example I want my grandsons to hear and see in what I say and do. The truth is both candidates lack character. Both need grace. As do I.

I also find myself “justifying” my vote by saying I’m voting for a platform and not a person – but, the truth is there are things on both party’s platforms which I agree with and disagree with. Things which resonate with me and things which cause me concern. But regardless of platform, I do not want to be someone who puts their faith and trust in any political party, as they will let me down. My faith and trust must be in Jesus – He is big enough to handle whatever happens with whoever wins (and He already knows who will win). I want my grandsons to see I trust God. Period. Not any political party.

No matter which person wins in just a few weeks, those of us who are people of faith need to be people of prayer as well. Barring something completely unforeseen, our next president will be a very flawed person. Not only will they be the leader of this country, but they will have about half the country who are angry and who are afraid because they were elected. I do not want my grandsons to be angry or afraid. I want them to trust God.

So, if we people, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, dads, moms, grandpas and grandmas are concerned about what is happening this election, then we need to be people who refuse to pass on the hate and fear and who are making the choice to set the example for the children around us who we love. We need to be people of prayer and we need to put our trust in God – not whoever is elected.

Who to vote for??? I’ll leave this question to you to determine between you and God . . . the only way to make the decision this year . . . or any year.

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