Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween Resources

Does your church plan any type of outreach on Halloween? I personally am not a fan of Halloween, but from a ministry perspective, I can see where it provides an opportunity to reach out to the community . . . particularly if you are a church in a town or city. 

A church I used to go to always had a "trunk-or-treat" in it's parking lot on Halloween. They grilled hot dogs, provided cocoa, opened the church so children/families could get in to a warm place - with bathrooms . . . which in Michigan can be a wonderful thing since snow is not unheard of on Halloween. The church families decorated their cars and set up in the parking lot to hand out candy. It was an opportunity for community children and families to meet and talk with families from the church. For this church, it's annual "trunk-or-treat" was one of it's main community outreaches.

Kidology logoSo, what do you do - if anything - for Halloween? Check out the kidology website for a wealth of wonderful ideas for alternatives to Halloween as well as ways to use it as an opportunity to reach out to your community!

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