Thursday, October 27, 2016

Strengthen Your Children's Ministry by Equipping Grandparents . . .

When you think about the families in your Children's Ministry, who do you think about? Of course families include children, parents, possibly older siblings in your youth ministry, but there is someone else to keep in mind when you think about the families in your Children's Ministry . . . the grandparents. Yes, grandparents!

Few people on Earth care about the children in your ministry as much as Christian grandparents do. These grandparents know it matters for them to pass faith to their grandchildren, but they may not know how to go about doing so. When they do, the children will be impacted in powerful, positive ways, making it well worth your time to help the grandparents learn how to pass their faith to their grandchildren.

Equipping grandparents can be as involved as you want - you could begin a Grandparenting Ministry with the focus on engaging, equipping and encouraging grandparents to pass on their faith. This could involve Sunday school classes, small groups and opportunities for grandparents to get together with other grandparents to pray and learn together. It could include opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren to participate in special events and it could include opportunities for them to serve their community together. Or, you could simply provide resources for grandparents and encourage them to use them - in classes which already exist and on their own.

Whether you being an actual Grandparenting Ministry in your church, or build on what you are already doing, you will need resources, so, today I want to share one of three resources with you which you could use with the grandparents in your ministry to help them pass faith to their grandchildren. (I'll share the other two over the next two days.)

The first is a book which grandparents could read/work through on their own or in a Sunday school class or small group. It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren has ten chapters, each dealing with how to pass faith to their grandchildren such as . . .
  • Helping their grandchildren understand how God sees them.
  • How to pray for grandchildren and help them become people of prayer.
  • What it means to model trust in God.
  • How to help grandchildren be people who seek God.
  • Understand how God's faithful love changes us so we love and serve others.
  • How to help our grandchildren have a true vision of Who God is.
  • How to be grandparents who understand what the most important thing is and then to help our grandchildren do the same.
  • Challenge to live with enthusiasm.
  • How to deal with disappointment and choose to trust God.
  • What it means to have open eyes of faith and to help our grandchildren do the same.
Each chapter ends with a Scripture verse/passage and a personalized Scripture prayer for yourself and your grandchildren as well as some suggestions for how to help your grandchildren with the topic of the chapter.

I am the author of It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren, but I want you to know what others are saying about this book . . .

"Every grandparent will want to read, It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren,  not because you don't want to spoil them, but because you want to help your grandchildren grow God's way. Grandparenting is a special gift from God, and as a grandparent, I am deeply grateful for this awesome gift. But I also want to maximize the gift, and this book will help me, and you, with this challenge."
                                                                                                      Gil Beers, Author of more than 150 books including, What Every Child Should Know About the Bible, The Toddler's Bible, and the Victor Handbook to the Bible

“Lynda gives us the gift of a book long overdue! With warmth, wit, and sincerity she shows grandparents it’s more than OK to lavishly love on their grandchildren. She shares how to pour into their lives and make the positive impact only a grandparent can make. It’s the kind which doesn’t spoil a child. It’s a love which helps strengthen and shape the heart and character of your grandchildren. As a mom, I read the book daydreaming about the decades ahead when I’ll be a grandmother and able to share this special bond with my future grandchildren. Knowing the love which is to come via my grandchildren makes watching my children grow up so quickly a little bit easier. It also freed me from worrying my Mother was lavishing too much on my sons or perhaps stealing a little of my thunder. My worry has been replaced by knowing there’s special room for each of us! This is the perfect book to purchase for yourself as a grandparent, give to anyone you know who is, or is about to become, a grandparent, or share with a mom who’s worried Grandma or Grandpa's love might interfere with the parent's relationship with the child. It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren is an uplifting, freeing, and valuable book for every family!”
Maralee McKee
Author, The Gracious Mom’s Guide to Manners

Check it out and get It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren to the grandparents in your ministry . . . this is a very easy way to help equip them to pass faith to their grandchildren!

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