Friday, October 7, 2016

Take Time to Evaluate . . .

So, you likely have the first month of the new school year "under your belt". How are things going? This is a great time to stop and take a look at where you are going and if you need to make any corrections as you move forward. Consider the following questions . . . 
  • Do you have the volunteers you need? If not, what are you doing to find the volunteers you need? 
  • Have you taken time to do something special to thank your volunteers and start the year with them feeling appreciated? If not, plan something now for next week.
  • Were you able to train them? If not, schedule a training for all your volunteers - training is a very important part of being ready for the new year.
  • Do you have specific people who will be praying for your ministry and volunteers? If not, visit some adult classes this week and ask for people who are willing to pray and get a list, so you are able to team up people who pray with specific volunteers.
  • Do you have a plan to meet with the parents and grandparents to let them know what will be happening in your Children's Ministry this year with the children they love? If not, schedule a time when parents and grandparents may come to hear from you about your vision and goals for the coming year. Show them the curriculum you are using both on Sundays and Wednesdays. Walk them through the scope and sequence. Answer any questions they may have. Introduce them to the teachers. Spend time in prayer.
Yes, I know you are busy and have much to do already, but these things matter. They are important, and if you start to get "off track" on any of these and do not take the time to notice and correct your "course", you will not be as effective as you could and need to be.

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