Monday, October 17, 2016

Thanksgiving . . . I’m Thankful for . . . My Family!

Last week I  posted the first thing I’m thankful for is God’s grace! As I said, God’s grace “is so utterly undeserved and so lavishly given . . . which makes it truly amazing! When I think of God’s grace there is nothing else for me to feel than complete thankfulness.” If God’s grace was the only good thing in my life it would be enough to leave me a forever thankful person!

But there is more I’m thankful for! The second thing I’m thankful for is my family! God has blessed me with the most amazing husband! We met on a volcano and celebrated our 35st anniversary this past August. My husband Dave shows me every day God loves me – I see God’s love every time I see Dave as he is so patient, faithful, loving . . . he is truly one of God’s greatest gifts to me! God has not only blessed me with an amazing husband, but He gave us two wonderful children – a daughter and a son – and a daughter-in-law! As if they weren't enough, God’s generosity overflowed with the addition to our family of the three most fabulous grandsons! I absolutely LOVE being a grandma! I’m so thankful for my family!

So how does being thankful for my family “fit” with Children’s Ministry? Well, being part of a family helps me experience some of the same things all families experience . . . the good times and the bad, the happy times and the sad. I have the ability to share with other parents some of what I’ve learned by being a wife, mom and grandma – and I can learn from others as well. When I see where other families are struggling, my heart aches for them and I can reach out to offer help, understanding, encouragement and most certainly prayer.
When I think about families I realize how they show us a picture we can experience of God’s love for us! It is no wonder families are under attack by Satan – he certainly does not want them to be healthy and point people to God. So, what can we do to support, encourage and pray for families? Consider the following -
Support and encourage families by . . .
  • Paying attention. Watch and notice when families experience those good and bad, happy and sad times. Be ready to rejoice with them in the good and happy times and be ready to encourage, help and pray for them in the bad and sad times. It is too easy for us to become so caught up in our own lives and business we fail to pay attention to those around us. Pay attention!
  • Develop a support team. As you see families who, while they certainly are not perfect – as none are – are able to respond in healthy ways to the joys and challenges they face, invite these families to be part of your support team. Match your support team families with families in need. Just having someone who is willing to come alongside a family in need can make all the difference in the world!
  • Notice if families – particularly in this economy – are struggling. Be ready with resources to help them in their need.
  • If marriages are struggling be ready to come alongside and steer them to a staff member who can help. Be ready to offer a listening ear to children – and a shoulder to cry on, too. Let them know you care and most importantly, God cares.
  • Pray for and with families. Designate specific times each week where you will spend time praying for families and give an open invitation to the families in your church – and community – for them to join you!
I’m so thankful for my family and this thankfulness motivates me to care about and for others and their families, too! 

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