Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ask the Question - Are Your Children Learning?

When you think about regularly asking questions to stay on top of where you are with your Children's Ministry, what is working and what is not, you definitely have to ask if your volunteers enjoy serving. This is an important question to ask, and continue to ask, but there is another important question . . . are the children learning? This question, and it's answer, matters for the following reason . . . 
  • If the children are going to grow up and be adults who know, love and walk with God, they have to know God's Word. Are they learning their Bibles?
This is the reason it matters for you to be sure the children in your ministry are learning God's Word. Yes, it is fine for them to have fun - learning God's Word should be fun. Yes, it is fine for them to learn in an active way - children learn much more when they are engaged. But, it matters for them to learn God's Word, because if they do not, they will not know, love and walk with God. 

Ask, on a very regular basis, if the children are learning. Ask them what they remember and how they have lived it. Ask the parents what their children learned and how they see them living it at home. Ask - it matters.

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