Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ask the Question - What About the Grandparents?

As I've been writing about for the past few days, when we think about the questions we need to ask on a regular basis about our Children's Ministry, there are definitely several important questions to keep in mind. One you may not think about, but need to, is; what about the grandparents? This question, and it's answer, matters for the following reasons . . . 
  • If the grandchildren are going to grow up and be adults who know, love and walk with God, they need their grandparents to be intentional about passing on their faith.
  • Families where the grandparents are intentional about Christian grandparenting, are families where the grandchildren are more likely to grow to be adults who love, know and walk with God.
  • It is the job of the grandparents to pass their faith to their grandchildren - it is the job of the church to build on what the grandparents are doing and to equip and encourage them to fulfill their God-given role with their grandchildren.
Yes, we absolutely want the children in our ministries to learn God's Word at church, but it is essential for the grandparents to be intentional grandparenting which is focused upon passing faith to their grandchildren. As you regularly evaluate what you are doing in your Children's Ministry, be sure to ask how you what is happening with the grandparents - it matters.

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