Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Intentional Christian Grandparenting Because Grandparenting Matters - Prayer Stations

Today is a significant day. It is the day those of us with the Legacy Coalition have been waiting, working and praying for . . . the first day of the Legacy Grandparenting Summit!

I'll be sharing much with you over the coming days about the amazing things which happen here at the summit, but today, before everything begins, I want to invite you to join me in our Prayer Stations Room. This room was put together by Sherry Schumann and is a very important part of the summit; look at what will happen here . . . 
  • At the first station grandparents are invited to consider the blessings of their children and grandchildren and add their names to a "Blessings Oak".
  • The second station challenges you to think about your words and thoughts towards your children and grandchildren . . . do they encourage or discourage? You then are invited to take a mint and as it melts and refreshes your mouth, pray God will refresh your words and thoughts.
  • In station three you are encouraged to reflect upon and pray the words of Psalm 139:22, 23. As any areas of sin are revealed you can write them on paper, then crumple or tear the paper and put it in the "Sorry Bin", then thank God for His grace before moving on.
  • Station Four gives you the opportunity to consider Matthew 6:14, 15 and Ephesians 4:31. If God brings someone to mind who you need to forgive, you may write their name on your hand with a washable marker, then wash it off with a wipe and ask Jesus to help you forgive them.
  • Station Five involves you in doing one of the most powerful things for your grandchildren . . . praying Scripture for them!
  • You are almost through the prayer stations - in this station you will be reminded how God is bigger than any storm you face! You are invited to list your prayer requests and place them in a box. They will be prayed for.
  • The last station encourages you to join the community of grandparents to link arms in prayer for future generations as you put your name on a strip of paper and add it to a paper chain.
This Prayer Station is sure to impact grandparents at the summit over the next few days, and one truly wonderful thing about it is how it is reproducible! You could do this at your church, too!

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