Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Legacy Grandparenting Summit . . . the Most Effective Thing Your Children's Ministry Could Do

When you think about your Children's Ministry, consider the following information about children and grandparents . . . 
  • God's Word commands grandparents to pass on a heritage of faith - look at Psalm 145:4, Deuteronomy 4:9 and Joel 1:3.
  • Grandparents are second only to parents in the potential to influence their grandchildren - most children average 20 hours a year in church; which works out being equal to three days of media exposure. If grandparents spend one weekend with their grandchildren, it equals the time most children are in church all year.
  • There are 30 million Christian grandparents in the USA; the average grandparent has four grandchildren . . . grandparents have the potential to reach 120 million children.
  • 10 - 20% of children are brought to church by their grandparents.
  • Most churches are not intentional about engaging and equipping grandparents.
Larry Fowler spoke in the general session last night at the Legacy Grandparenting Summit and shared this information. He challenged us to go out and help our churches understand the incredible potential grandparents have in reaching their grandchildren for Jesus.

Is your church intentional about engaging grandparents? If not, why? Engaging grandparents could be the most effective thing you do in your Children's Ministry!

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