Sunday, December 4, 2016

Grandparenting Ministry and How it Impacts Your Children's Ministry . . .

For the past couple weeks I've been sharing with you how the general session speakers challenged grandparents and church leaders at the first-ever Legacy Grandparenting Summit. Today I want to share with you how grandparents who are engaged and intentional Christian grandparents impact your Children's Ministry; why you should focus on engaging, equipping and encouraging the grandparents in your church. Consider the following . . .
  1. Grandparents who believe God has a role for them in passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren will be much more focused upon all the "avenues" where their children are being reached - by what they do, what their adult children do and what the church their grandchildren attend does to reach them as well.
  2. Grandparents who understand how important it is to reach their grandchildren for Jesus, will be much more interested in getting involved in your Children's Ministry.
  3. These grandparents will be committed to pray for and help with your Children's Ministry, because they will be invested in what happens in the Children's Ministry with their grandchildren - and other children as well.
It truly matters if you engage, equip and encourage the grandparents in your church, so they are focused upon being intentional Christian grandparents. And, with this in mind, start planning now to attend the second Legacy Grandparenting Summit in 2017 (watch for all the details as to when and where in January on the website - You really need to be there and bring grandparents from your church with you. Why? Just look at the following . . . 
  • Consider what people who attended this year had to say about the Summit . . . "We came not knowing what to expect and were so blown away by the excellence of the speakers, the vendors, entertainment, music, the breakout sessions, and all the attention to detail. Thanks for encouraging and equipping us to be intentional in our grandparenting!" and . . . “I have been blessed by this conference as a ministry leader, but even more as a grandparent. I appreciate all the work and prayer that went into the planning of this conference. Cannot wait for next year's conference. God bless you!” and . . . We thought we came to learn how to become better, godly, and effective, intentional grandparents. But this Summit did more than that - it opened our eyes to the need for today's society to be engaged in what our generation has to offer our grandchildren, and how the family needs grandparents to complete the family.
  • Hear how even the speakers were challenged by the Summit . . . Jay Kesler, former president, Youth for Christ – “This is a historic event.” Josh McDowell – “This grandparenting movement could be bigger than PromiseKeepers.” Gary Chapman: “I will change the focus on grandparenting in my own church.” 
  • And, look at these "stats" from the Summit . . . "Eight hundred people attended, from thirty five states, and five countries. Pastor Peter Tan-Chi and his wife Deonna came the farthest – he is pastor of the largest church in the Philippines. There were 38 ministry partners in the resource center. There were seven main sessions, and thirty seven breakout choices."
Keep in mind, the Legacy Coalition - the ministry behind the Legacy Grandparenting Summit - has not even been in existence for a year yet! This
truly is a movement of God and this coming year will be one where their mission to reach grandparents and churches catches fire in churches across the country and around the world! 
What will you do to help the grandparents in your church catch the vision for how they need to pass a heritage of faith to their grandchildren? How will doing this impact your Children's Ministry, the families in your church and your church as a whole? Who will you bring with you to the 2017 Legacy Grandparenting Summit?

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