Friday, December 2, 2016

Legacy Grandparenting Summit - Legacy Awards to Jay Kessler & Cavin Harper

Over the years there have not been many people who have consistently been speaking out for and challenging grandparents . . . but there are a few and one of them is Dr. Jay Kessler. He is an author and speaker who has made a difference in the area of Grandparenting Ministry. The Legacy Coalition was honored to present him with their first Legacy Award for his pioneering vision for intentional Christian grandparenting.

Dr Kessler shared how the most important thing in culture is family and the devil is working hard to destroy the family. If we destroy the family, it is much more difficult for children to understand God is their Father, we are brothers and sisters - there is a family of believers of which our grandchildren may be part.

Today seven out of ten children have disrupted families - broken families, absent fathers/mothers, etc and they do not understand what family is. We grandparents know what a family is supposed to be. Dr. Kessler challenged us to tell our grandchildren. Tell them about our family history. Tell them how God has worked in our family. Tell how God has answered prayer and worked in our lives. Tell them, so they will know.

Dr. Kessler said he is praying the Legacy Coalition will start a world-wide movement which will challenge grandparents to rise up and make a difference in bringing families back to God!

Then Cavin Harper prayed a blessing over Dr. Kessler with Wayne Rice and Larry Fowler. It was an amazing moment to honor the faithfulness of Dr. Kessler and how he began a movement many years ago to call grandparents to be faithful and intentional Christian grandparents, because grandparenting matters!

After Cavin prayed for Dr. Kessler, he was surprised to learn the Legacy Coalition had a second Legacy Award to presented to him! Cavin Harper is another of the few people who have been consistently speaking out for and challenging grandparents to be intentional Christian grandparents who pass on a heritage of faith. He began the Christian Grandparenting Network years ago and continues to faithfully call grandparents to be intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. Dr. Kessler then prayed a blessing over Cavin making the first presentations of the Legacy Coalition Legacy Awards an opportunity for us to truly thank the two pioneers in the area of intentional Christian Grandparenting Ministry!

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