Saturday, December 10, 2016

Let's Talk Grandparenting Ministry - a Resource to Help Them Be Intentional

If we are serious about equipping grandparents in our churches to pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren - and why wouldn't we be since engaged grandparents will strengthen our ministries, we need to help them find resources they can use. Science, the Bible & Fun! is a resource written especially for this purpose (and it is one parents could use at home with their children, too!)

You will find information, along with free sample lessons, at this link! You will also be able to see the scope and sequence for the first year and  then order it at this link - 52 weeks of activities for grandparents and parents in your church to use with their grandchildren/children to pass on a heritage of faith!

With Science, the Bible & Fun!, you will find science projects, crafts, cooking projects, games and most importantly, the grandparents/parents in your church will be able to help their grandchildren (children) learn how to pray the Psalms and learn about Bible people who made the choice to know, love and walk with God! Just think about how it would impact the children in your ministry for their grandparents/parents to be intentional about passing on a heritage of faith in the coming year! Consider challenging them to be intentional Christian grandparents (parents) in 2017 and use Science, the Bible & Fun to help them with this!

This curriculum is easy to use and while I wrote Science, the Bible & Fun! with grandparents in mind, it absolutely is a resource parents could use with their children as well. It is flexible - they could use everything in each week's lesson, spread it out over several days or just use parts - whatever works the best for them. It will be fun, it will be engaging and it will help the families in your ministry - whether they are grandparents or parents - as they focus on passing on a heritage of faith in 2017!

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