Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 VBS - My Thoughts So Far . . .

At this point in my 2017 VBS reviews, I’ve reviewed seven VBS resources, but I’m still waiting on four more to arrive at my home for review. This means today I do not have another review to post for you, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites so far and what it is I like the most about these resources.

Please keep in mind, at this point I really like all the VBS resources I’ve reviewed. They are all well written, well developed and have solid Bible learning for children – and the volunteers as well. While it is possible my final Top Pick may change when the other kits arrive, at this point my favorites are . . .

1.  Favorite Setting – I am torn between Group’s Maker’sFun Factory and LifeWay’s Galactic Starveyors. I like both of these settings, because they are sciency settings. I love the gadgets and engineering aspects of Maker’s Fun Factory and am so happy Galactic Starveyors did not go the route of rockets, space men, etc. where most “space” VBS settings end up. Instead Galactic Starveyors focused on how God created space; the planets, stars, moon, etc; - with the eclipse coming up this summer, it is a great pick and focus for VBS!
2.    Favorite Bible Content/Focus – While clearly you can not go wrong with any Bible content/focus, as the entire Bible is amazing, I especially love Concordia’s Mighty Fortress’ focus – through Jesus, the Victory is won! I loved week two and three, in particular, as children will have the opportunity to learn about two of the kings they may not be as familiar with – King Hezekiah and King Josiah.
3.    Favorite Focus on Application – Again, any VBS which focuses upon application – and they all do – is excellent, but there are a few which make this focus a “bigger” part of their curriculum overall. For application, I am currently quite impressed by Concordia’s Mighty Fortress, Cokesbury’s Hero Central and Abingdon Press’ Super God! I am very happy to see a mission project AND local service projects to help children understand living God’s Word is something they do every day in their local communities as well.
4.    Top Pick overall . . . SO FAR – this could change . . . I am happy to say all the kits I’ve reviewed so far are truly excellent, but there are several kits which have greatly impressed me. At this point in my review, it is a very, very close call between Cokesbury’s Hero Central and Concordia’s Mighty Fortress!
Again, all the kits I’ve reviewed so far are truly excellent – you will be happy with any of these . . . and I hope you will choose more than one to put to work in your Children’s Ministry.

As soon as the other kits arrive, I’ll post my reviews, post my side-by-side comparison chart and announce my final pick for Top Pick in VBS 2017!

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