Monday, January 2, 2017

Do We "Design" Our Children's Ministries for Adults or Children?

When we think about Children's Ministry do we "design" it for adults or children? I'm sure we all want to think we design it for children, but if we look closely will we see this is actually the case or will we see it is actually "designed" for adults?

Let's think about this for the next few days, beginning with what might we see if our Children's Ministry is actually designed for adults? Consider the following . . . 
  • Teaching styles which adults are comfortable with using, but which do not actually engage children. Do we lecture as our primary style of teaching or do we engage the children by having them teach through dramas, finding specific information in the Bible and then share what they learn with the rest of the children or other active teaching methods?
  • Do we expect children to behave as adults; for example, do we expect them to sit quietly in a circle and listen . . . typically when we are lecturing? Even preschoolers?
  • Do we use curriculum we as adults are familiar with rather than something which may be new and better designed and written to engage children?
  • Do we have a "teaching rotation" which accommodates adults rather than one which encourages connecting and relationships with children?
These are just a few questions, but depending on how you answered them you may discover your Children's Ministry is actually designed for adults. What might be a sign or signal which tells you if your children's ministry is actually designed for adults?

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