Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Equipping Grandparents - I'm Giving One Away

For several years I’ve been talking about how important it is for grandparents to be intentional about passing on a heritage of faith . . . it is actually the reason I started writing my other blog, grandma’scookie jar, in the first place . . . and I’ve been talking about how important it is for churches to be intentional about engaging, equipping and encouraging the grandparents in their ministries to be intentional Christian grandparents. I absolutely do believe Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries and Family Ministries will be significantly stronger if they engage and involve grandparents in the things they do.

Grandparents have a Biblical mandate to be intentional about passing on their faith to their grandchildren, but most churches do not do anything to mobilize the segment of their church body. If we want grandparents to be focused and intentional about passing on their faith, and being significantly involved in the ministries of the church, then we need to be focused and intentional about engaging and equipping them.

The Legacy Coalition exists to help churches engage and equip grandparents to help and grandparents be intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. They are moving forward on work for their second International Grandparenting Summit and are beginning to produce resources to help both churches and grandparents. Today I’m very happy to let you know about one such resource (and announce a giveaway for one as well!)

Equipping Grandparents is described as; “Equipping Grandparents provides ideas and resources to help your church reach and disciple the youngest generation through grandparents. It was written by family ministry experts to encourage church leaders to think about a demographic which has been overlooked and underresourced in most churches: grandparents. Imagine the impact on churches and society if 30 million Christian grandparents had a biblical vision for their place and purpose in the family. Grandparents have incredible influence and a biblical mandate to pass on their faith to future generations.”

In Equipping Grandparents you will find seven short chapters, written by people with years of Children’s, Youth and Family Ministry experience, including; Larry Fowler, Wayne Rice, Valerie Bell, Sherry Schumann, Cavin Harper, Lynda Freeman and Josh Mulvihill. They will walk you through how to begin a Grandparenting Ministry in your church, how to become more intergenerational in your church,  how to cast a vision for Grandparenting Ministry to your pastor, why it matters to have a Grandparenting Ministry and provide information on additional resources for grandparents in your church.

Equipping Grandparents is a small book, but one which is filled with solid information to help you begin to engage, equip and encourage the grandparents in your church to become intentional as they pass faith to their grandchildren.

I’m very happy for the opportunity to giveaway one of the original design of Equipping Grandparents (USA only)! If you live in the USA, are over the age of 18 and would like to be in the drawing for this book, which will be on January 24, 2017, please comment below to let me know if you already have a Grandparenting Ministry in your church, or would like to begin one.

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  1. I would love to have a grandparent ministry at my church! Thanks for the chance to see this book.